Gaming Session Blog #1

Tonight’s session involved Persona 4 Arena. The highlights include:

*Unlocked achievements – The President, The Kingpin, The Boxer, All-Out Attack to the Max, Perfect, Trained in Seclusion, Calm Down and I Learned a Few Moves for a total of 90 achievement points.

*Took Akihiko to the “lab” to see what I could figure out. I had some interesting things going on in training but sadly realized the double upper OTG doesn’t work very well when the opponent can recover. I really need to remember to turn recovery on in training.

*The story elements take a crazy amount of time to go through. Scenarios such as Labyrs’ set up a lot of story but there is virtually no game play. I was disappointed to see a lot of the different conversation options in the story pretty much do nothing. You can chase the meat as Chie, which is hilarious, but I’ve yet to see any other true splits from the story. There is still 64% of the story to go, so we’ll see what happens.

*Got Naoto to challenge #25 of 30, which is pretty impressive for me. Still, the combo missions seem reasonable overall.

Overall, I’m digging the game. If you want to give a go online (Xbox 360), let me know. I haven’t messed with the mode, but, apparently the latest patch makes it work great.


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