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First thoughts: Pokken Tournament

Retail releases tend to be thin on the Nintendo Wii U system, but, when they do hit, that usually gives them a pretty good focus. Last year, Namco-Bandai took on the Pokemon license to offer up an arcade fighter featuring … Continue reading

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Review: DeathSmiles (PC)

We’re approaching 10 years since the heroines of DeathSmiles descended into arcades, but even now the unique themes and frantic action have kept the series alive and well in the hearts of shoot-‘em-up enthusiasts. When Cave announced it planned to … Continue reading

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Getting into the game

With all of the talk about VR taking off, here is something I wrote a handful of years ago, that echoes all of the talk of virtual first-person shooters: Just imagine this game premise: You take the atmosphere of Tron, … Continue reading

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