About GemuBaka

D.J. Tatsujin

Facebook: D.J. Tatsujin – Twitter: djtatsujin – Xbox LIVE: nestlekwik

YouTube: gemubaka – Registered on Klout (39 as of May 10, 2012)

For those looking at writing samples, here are my 10 favorite works:
My Gaming Story
Naoki Maeda: Latin America is a “Very Hopeful Market”
Confessions of a Game Doctor Fan
Roll a six to hadoken
The Generation Gap
Making Waves: Vector Unit’s Matt Small on Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Capcom’s Seth Killian on Fighting Games
Jesse Attard on Tactics Studios
Heroes in a Half Shell and Arcade Envy
Interview with Nana-OnSha’s Masaya Matsuura

Who is GemuBaka?

GemuBaka originated as the collaborative efforts of nestlekwik and MixMasterLar. The two authors became accquainted while working on projects through Rithum Interactive, including Rithum News, a video games-based Web site that covered video game news while producing original features and reviews on a daily basis. Although the site was scrapped in early 2008 in favor of a more ambitious project from the company, the two still saw potential in what they had to offer in their writings, forming GemuBaka nearly six months following the close of the site.

D.J. Tatsujin (Aaron Auzins) has been writing about video games for the past nine years, being published and holding positions at sources such as Blogcritics.org and self-published materials before joining Rithum. Since then, he has spread out to work with sources such as Diehard GameFAN.com, J2Games, Video Game Collector Magazine, Arcade Heroes, Bemanistyle and more. He has been playing games actively since 1985 and has lightly dabbled into nearly every aspect of the video game industry, which includes app development, independent game conceptualization, journalism, public relations, marketing and more.

Outside the Internet, he has a bachelor’s degree in communications specializing in journalism from The University of Toledo. He also has a variety of associate degrees in the field of accounting and marketing and has a certificate in Japanese proficiency. He has nearly three years of experience working on local newspapers and is currently a full-time writer for the Northwest Signal, the only daily publication in Henry County, Ohio.

What does GemuBaka mean?

GemuBaka is a collection of works from the GemuBaka collaboration. The name is derived from the Japanese loan word for game as well as “baka,” which in one of its variants means “crazy.” In a literal sense, the phrase means “game crazy,” which would describe one who is crazy about games. Fortunately, that describes us perfectly. GemuBaka catalogs the works of the GB team and spans a wide range of video game topics to include features, previews, reviews, editorials, FAQs and more. Our scope does not stop at current systems as we look back upon past systems from the 1980s forward. While it doesn’t always happen, we try to update the site with at least one new feature every weekday, however, at the minimum, there is at least one update every week.

E-mail: neskwik at gmail dot com

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